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Content and Intellectual property rights

All content on the website including but not limited to icons, buttons, logos, text etc, as well as any and all trademarks, whether registered or not constitute the exclusive intellectual property of Frrole/Ciafo and is protected under the Indian law. You may download material from the website only for your own personal use and for no commercial purpose whatsoever. Any and all information that is submitted by you is the sole property of Frrole/Ciafo which may be used in any manner Frrole/Ciafo deems fit. Frrole/Ciafo provides all information to the best of its knowledge and is not responsible for any incorrect, unfactual or offensive information. It is the responsibility of the user to verify this information before perusing it and consume it in a judicious manner.


By default, Frrole/Ciafo does not track any data private to the user. For first-time users, it obtains user's city based on the IP address, with an objective to show the information for the relevant city. For users who perform one of the "Flag Tweet" or "Flag User" actions, Frrole/Ciafo records their IP address. The objective is to control misuse of the feature by a random bad element who might flag off valid, useful tweets or users. Frrole/Ciafo reserves the right to block access to that given IP and therefore the user.
For our newsletter service, we require the subscriber to submit his email id, along with a selection of the locations and channels/news-categories he or she is interested in. Optionallu, the subscriber can also provide his/her name. We do not share this data with anybody whomsoever. The data however is stored on Amazon's AWS servers and we are bound by their terms and conditions.


Frrole is an effort to democratize information, giving every consumer a chance to be the 'journalist', whenever he or she has useful information to share. While we try very hard to keep out offensive information, using manual oversight on top of the algorithmic spam control, it is not always possible to detect such offensive content. Frrole/Ciafo has provided its users the ability to flag off such tweets and users and we encourage our community to exercise its power to keep the data clean.

Limitation of Liability

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Frrole/Ciafo reserves all rights to the information presented to the user. Frrole/Ciafo reserves the rights to remove any information that is deemed to be irrelevant, spam and/or inappropriate in any manner whatsoever. Frrole/Ciafo also has the final authority on deciding which users are visible in the data streams published on the Frrole website.


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Governing Law

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